The swamp at work: Hillary paid for the Steele Report

The Washington Post, in rare move of investigative journalism against Hillary and the Democrats, has reported what we all suspected: the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the so-called "dossier" by Christopher Steele that is the basis for the charge of Russia collusion.

According to the Post, a law firm for the DNC paid to complete the report after a "Republican" donor had initially paid to start it.  This shows the connection between the Never Trump Republicans and Hillary to defeat and destroy Trump.  Now we need to know the identity of the Republican "donor."

This news is probably the reason the DNC refused to have the FBI examine its email server and system.  Such an investigation would probably have disclosed the communications between the DNC and the law firm that paid for the "dossier," a fancy term used to dress up a garbage report.

Steele admitted that the charges in the garbage statement are unverified, another fancy term for false.

The Hillary-Steele garbage report, which is essentially a dirty tricks opposition report, was given to John McCain, the Democrats' favorite Republican.

McCain gave it to the Comey FBI, which probably used it as the basis to investigate Trump that ultimately led to the Mueller special counsel appointment.  One would think Comey would have had the FBI investigate the charges in the report, knowing that it was an opposition report, and question who authorized and paid for the report before he used it.  Comey could have and should have discovered as soon as he received the report that Hillary had paid for it, which would have cast serious doubt on its accuracy.  It should have been dismissed as Hillary campaign dirty tricks.

It was a cute move by Hillary's campaign to use McCain as the bag boy to deliver the report to the FBI to give the report the air of legitimacy.

The swamp at work: Hillary uses a law firm to pay for the Steele report, the report is given to John McCain, and McCain gives it to Comey.  The report is leaked to BuzzFeed; the Destroy Trump Media publicizes the charges, calling it "Russia collusion"; and we get Mueller wasting our tax dollars investigating Trump.  But the Mueller investigation may backfire on the Democrats if Mueller investigates the ties between Manafort and Tony and John Podesta on behalf of the Russians on the Uranium One deal.  At the center is Hillary using dirty tricks working through "buffers" to attack Trump.

Unfortunately, we have an attorney general, Sessions, who recused himself when there was no reason to recuse.  A competent, forceful attorney general would have investigated the Steele report fully before such a decision and would have concluded that the Steele report was a Hillary-campaign dirty trick, not to be given any weight or credibility.

It is no surprise that Crooked Hillary paid for the garbage Steele report.  The only surprise is that it took this long for it to be known.