Try putting 'global warming' in perspective

Maybe people should put global warming in perspective. In Chicago in July 1995, there were over 700 heat-related deaths.  In the twenty years after 1995, there were only 585 total heat-related deaths (less than 30 per year) and over 1,000 cold-related deaths.  Does that look like a global warming trend?  My guess is that national statistics look similar.  From the Chicago Tribune: Twenty years after Chicago's deadly 1995 heat wave and in the midst of stifling summer days, the dangers of hot weather are a rising concern. However, an analysis of state data shows that those more than 700 deaths two decades ago are far from the norm – in Illinois, cold weather is more consistently deadly. While more people have died from heat-related causes since 1995 – a total of 1,290, compared with 1,095 deaths from cold-related causes – the deadly 1995 summer is the main factor driving the differences in totals. Starting with 1996, there have...(Read Full Post)