Trump was right to bring up Katrina in Puerto Rico

Like the race card and the gender card, the Katrina card is the latest distraction from the left.  I guess it's better to play these cards than to explain Obamacare premiums.   As expected, Democrats began to say Puerto Rico is "Trump's Katrina," as Joseph Curl reminded us:     President George W. Bush lost much support from Americans after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans the summer after his re-election, and critics complained that he was slow to respond. (He wasn’t: State and local officials said they had the situation in hand, and by the time it was clear they didn’t, the federal response to catch up looked insufficient.)   On Saturday the Trump Haters finally got on the same page: Forget Russian collusion, forget James Comey killing Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it’s time to hype the devastation in Puerto Rico as worse than Katrina.     And so Puerto Rico...(Read Full Post)