Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes Pulitzer Prize winner at WaPo

The MOTUS blog ( has captured a precious moment in the history of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the reigning madness on the left. A heavyweight at the Washington Post, fashion critic Robin Ghivan, one of the paper’s Pulitzer winners, has just condemned white supremacists, specifically the ones at Charlottesville, for not dressing in pointy hoods and sheets, or maybe Nazi regalia, apparently.  She’s a Trump-hater and she's really mad because that the demonstrators didn’t dress in costumes that she can recognize (and presumably decry):

 In the multitude of images from Charlottesville, the race-baiting protesters are decked out in white polo shirts and khakis. Others are wearing neat jeans, button-down shirts, cargo shorts. They are wearing jeans and striped pullovers that look like they could have come from the sale rack at a local Gap.

Photo credit: Evelyn Hockstein for The Washington Post

Motus brings wit to the subject, so her mockery will brighten your day. There is a lot more to mock. And ridicule is the only medicine that can cure that particular mental affliction.

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