One-stop shopping for agitators

Let’s face facts. There is a revolutionary movement afoot in the United States. And it is organizing itself before our eyes.

Serious people believe that the constitutional republic can be overthrown. Overt Marxist and revolutionary groups never gave up the cause, but others in respectable jobs worked tacitly to shape education into political indoctrination, at all levels.

Revolutionary Communist Party demonstrators. Screen grab from RT.

One of the principal forces that will bring about the fall of the regime is street violence that can overwhelm the forces of law and order. A cadre of youth to take control of the streets of our major cities has already been indoctrinated that “hate speech” is the same thing as violence, so it is moral and just to violently attack the “fascists” who are killing minorities.  Paul Mirengoff of Powerline spotted a horrifying video of a student at the University of California, Riverside stealing a MAGA hat and defending her conduct on these grounds. She is clearly angry and feels that “direct action” (violating the unjust code of conduct of the fascist regime) is just and moral. This is what she has been taught, as have millions of others for a generation or more in some places.

The video is nine-and-a-half minutes, as it is uncut.

Education, where the left reigns supreme, has endowed us with legions of indebted youth, stuck in low wage service jobs, and indoctrinated into the view that they are the victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, and most of all, capitalism. They are the Sans Culottes or Red Guards of the coming revolution, at least in the dreams of the Lenin-wannabes.

In the information age, inevitably, the supply of angry demonstrator-wannabes is meeting the demand of agitators anxious to make some revolutionary whoopee. So, if you live in the Chicago area and feel like working out some of your frustrations, you have a one-stop shopping website in

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The direction in which we are headed ought to be self-evident. Let’s stop pretending that a return to civility depends on President Trump changing his tweeting. Serious people have been working a long time, a great success, to put in place the revolutionary cadre.

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