The wages of jihad in France

As Europe accedes to jihad in slow motion, the success of jihadists is aiding Israel's long-term strategy for survival. Allow me to explain.   France has accepted Muslim immigrants by the millions over the years, people whose faith enjoins jihad, or warfare to ensure the spread of Islam.  This was clearly understood in the early centuries of Islam, though today most Muslims live rather peaceably, even in the Dar al Harb. However, a fraction of Muslims takes seriously the scriptural injunctions to humiliate and even inflict violence on Jews.   As a result, Jews are fleeing, mostly to Israel. It is politically incorrect to note that people of Jewish descent are vastly overrepresented in the learned professions, including the peaks of achievement, pretty much everywhere they live in substantial numbers.  Among those fields, medicine shines brightly.  One analyst attributes people of Jewish ancestry with 27% of the Nobel...(Read Full Post)