The wages of jihad in France

As Europe accedes to jihad in slow motion, the success of jihadists is aiding Israel's long-term strategy for survival. Allow me to explain.  

France has accepted Muslim immigrants by the millions over the years, people whose faith enjoins jihad, or warfare to ensure the spread of Islam.  This was clearly understood in the early centuries of Islam, though today most Muslims live rather peaceably, even in the Dar al Harb.

However, a fraction of Muslims takes seriously the scriptural injunctions to humiliate and even inflict violence on Jews.  

As a result, Jews are fleeing, mostly to Israel.

It is politically incorrect to note that people of Jewish descent are vastly overrepresented in the learned professions, including the peaks of achievement, pretty much everywhere they live in substantial numbers.  Among those fields, medicine shines brightly.  One analyst attributes people of Jewish ancestry with 27% of the Nobel Prizes in Medicine globally and 39% of the U.S. total.

It should surprise no one, therefore, that France, with Europe's largest post-Holocaust population of Jews, is experiencing a brain drain.  Bernard Edinger of the Jerusalem Post (hat tip: Pamela Geller) explains why this is happening:

[I]t's not just the dangers of Paris life that have motivated hundreds of Jewish medical professionals to join thousands of other French Jews in moving to Israel. It's also a slew of recent rule changes by Israeli authorities that will make the transition easier for people[.] ...

One problem for those wanting to settle in Israel has been that France doesn't award an MD at the end of medical school (six years), but only after a further residency, or internship period, of three to five years. Most countries accept a French doctor as long as he or she has completed medical school, but Israel makes them wait until they receive the French MD degree, meaning they cannot practice medicine in the Jewish state until they are in their 30s.

The rules changed this summer when Israel finally recognized that a French diploma delivered after six years of medical school was equivalent to an MD elsewhere and that those French physicians who had completed at least one year of residency could continue that course in Israel where they would be practicing in hospitals. French medical school graduates who have not started their residency in France would spend an extra year of training in Israel and pass an examination before starting their residency there. 

The rule change resulted from a campaign in France and Israel led by 26-year-old Raphaël Derman, currently an anesthetist in his first year of internship in France and now scheduled, following the rule change, to continue at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, beginning in October or November.

This is a very shrewd move, because I think that Israel's best strategy to gain acceptance from the world community is to become essential to their lives, as a leader in innovations and practice of technology, medicine, and other fields that improve and sustain a high quality of life for the peoples of the advanced countries and the elites of all the other regimes.

The medical-pharmaceutical sector of Israel's economy already has a formidable standing, so the infusion of skilled immigrants as jihad drives them away can only strengthen it.  It is already well known that various Arab eminences have received medical treatment in Israel, or by Jewish doctors overseas.

If Israel survives and present trend lines continue, it can actually make the prospect of wiping it from the map quite costly in terms of its impact on the world's economy and the lives of its most fortunate and powerful people.

Hey, it's worth a try, since the Jews are being driven out by jihad, the very force powering the efforts at Israel's destruction.

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