The left crows about Lois Lerner's IRS now being 'evenhanded'

Collective guilt assuaged, the left is now crowing that the IRS was evenhanded all along in its targeting of tax-exempt groups for political harassment under the Obama administration. It wasn't just the Tea Party, it was plenty of leftist groups, too, so the claim goes, one that was made a few years ago without much merit. The Washington Post's Paul Farhi would have you think, hyuk hyuk, in his vaguely patronizing accusation, that the mea culpas now belong on the side of the people who didn't like what the IRS really was caught doing: It all seemed to add up. At least it did then. The Internal Revenue Service, according to outraged Republicans and many media accounts at the time, targeted tea party organizations and other conservative nonprofit groups that were seeking tax-exempt status between 2010 and 2012. Critics said the tax agency had subjected the targeted groups to extra scrutiny, questioning and long delays, largely because their names suggested they...(Read Full Post)