The hunt for red November

The Democratic Party has put forth several narratives since its loss in 2016.  Democrats have stuck with those narratives no matter how absurd they have been: Trump was elected because Russia colluded with him.  Trump is unstable and unfit.  Everything Trump does is wrong.  He is a tainted president. So says the party of Hillary Clinton and Hollywood, the moral arbiters of America.  And the leftist mainstream media have followed in the most scurrilous of ways.  They have reported only what the Democratic Party narrative says they should report.  Until now. Follow me here.  How long has this search for Trump-Russia collusion been going on?  How long have the leftist media been claiming that Trump does everything wrong? Since he was elected last November.  They have been hunting him since he won. But the ground has shifted.  It's been clear for a long time that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative has been...(Read Full Post)