The hunt for red November

The Democratic Party has put forth several narratives since its loss in 2016.  Democrats have stuck with those narratives no matter how absurd they have been: Trump was elected because Russia colluded with him.  Trump is unstable and unfit.  Everything Trump does is wrong.  He is a tainted president.

So says the party of Hillary Clinton and Hollywood, the moral arbiters of America.  And the leftist mainstream media have followed in the most scurrilous of ways.  They have reported only what the Democratic Party narrative says they should report. 

Until now.

Follow me here.  How long has this search for Trump-Russia collusion been going on?  How long have the leftist media been claiming that Trump does everything wrong?

Since he was elected last November.  They have been hunting him since he won.

But the ground has shifted.  It's been clear for a long time that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative has been just that.  It's been a fable repeated over and over again, the Democratic Party and its media shills hoping something would stick, helping them regain power through mindless repetition of an empty narrative.

Until now.

Unfortunately for the left, there is not the tiniest bit of evidence to bolster the narrative.  There is not a scintilla of truth to the claim that Donald Tramp colluded with Russia to win.  One hundred thousand dollars of Facebook ads, half of them after November 8, 2016?  That's proof?  Lord help us.  That is the dumbest idea of proof offered since the Piltdown Man.  Donald Trump, Jr. had a meeting with someone claiming to have dirt on Hillary and left the meeting early because he saw nothing?  Wow.  Indict him, and impeach his father. 

And that's all there is?

Yep.  That's all there is.

But now we have an explosion of information about Russian influence on – drum roll – the Uranium One deal, perhaps the worst political scandal since Teapot Dome.  And then there's the so-called Trump dossier – which apparently was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party.

The Uranium One deal has been a powder keg since Peter Schweizer wrote about the scandal in the book Clinton Cash.  It's everything a scandal should be: corruption, illicit bribes, Russians influencing a deal to control stockpiles of uranium for their own use. 

Tucker Carlson reports that there is an extremely credible witness who will testify how the Russians did collude with an American president.  Unfortunately for the left, it's the Obama presidency they colluded with, Hillary Clinton being the chief conspirator.  This witness is said to have absolute proof of this collusion. 

And the leftist mainstream American media are virtually silent.

That's because they aren't interested in news or reporting.  They're interested only in the narratives pushed by the Obama-Clinton-Democratic media complex.

Until now.

The dam has broken.  The waters are unleashed, and there's no stopping them.  Truth is winning.  Even the Washington Post is reporting this story.  The New York Times and the rest will have to follow.  The evidence is too compelling, and the story is out there.  Much like the Weinstein scandal, there is simply too much evidence to deflect it.  The reporting of John Solomon and Sara Carter has been devastating.  They have been doing the work that the leftist American media won't do, which is to report on the real Russian meddling in America's politics: Uranium One.  And the Trump dossier.

This is huge.  This will not go away.  Unlike the leftist media narrative of Trump-Russia collusion, there is actual evidence to show we have been compromised, and it's not Trump who has compromised or colluded.  It's the group of people the leftist media have vowed to protect: the Obama-Clinton-Democratic Party complex.

The evidence is overwhelming.

The Obama-Clinton administration colluded with Russia in the Uranium One deal.  They knew what the Russians wanted.  They knew that the Russians were bribing people.  They knew that the Clinton family foundations were getting over a hundred million dollars, that Bill Clinton received half a million dollars for an hour-long speech from the Russian bank involved with Uranium One. 

Quid pro quo.  As clear as it can be.

They sold out American interests for thirty pieces of silver.

It's hard to say which is the biggest disgrace: the Obama Justice Department, the FBI, Obama himself, the Clintons, or our despicably partisan media.  Let's not mince words: they're all culpable, all guilty of selling out America.

It's difficult to say enough negative about all of them.

The Trump dossier.

It's the one that the Clinton campaign, and John McCain, tried to pass off on the FBI as truth.  The one that apparently was paid for by the Hillary campaign and the Democratic Party, and perhaps a Republican donor. 

The dossier is so embarrassingly bad, so embarrassingly transparent as a political ruse, that there aren't enough words to describe its stupidity and disgraceful place in history.

This dossier became the child of the left and the child of one James Comey.  He pushed it forward with no shame.  This dossier is what informed him of why Trump was unfit?  Good grief, James, were you that obtuse?

I guess so.  You were the one who wanted the Mueller investigation to start.  Purposefully.  Based on your belief in the (Russian) Trump dossier?  Rod Rosenstein appointed your man, Mueller. 

And now it's boomeranging.  Just ask the Podesta family.

Trump clearly did nothing wrong, and now it's going to be revealed just how incompetent and conniving Mr. Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller were and are.

The wrong people have been blamed.  And the truth is coming out.

The dam has broken.

The left's narratives have been reduced to a pile of ashes. 

Blaming Trump for colluding with the Russians for almost a year has been a failure.  It's simple: the narrative was never true.  It was bound to be shown as false.  The unintended consequence of playing this narrative for the last year has been that a lot of people have come to believe that Russia interfered with our political system.

Most of those believers are on the left – the disciples of Rachel Maddow, CNN, Democratic politicians, and the leftist partisan media masquerading as journalists.

The cognitive dissonance has just begun for all of them.  The proof is clear: they were all wrong.  Extraordinarily wrong.  The collusion and sell-out was from the very people they put forth as heroes.  The Obama-Clinton Democratic Party has been caught with hands in the cookie jar.  Thirty pieces of silver wasn't enough.  It was millions of dollars and the opportunity to hold power in America that proved to be their downfall.  Colluding with the Russians was what they were willing to do in this power play.

The unwinding of this scandal will take time.  But the implication is clear.  The Trump administration will be fully exonerated.  They did nothing wrong.  Oh, no, the left won't admit it, and they will be furious (aren't they always?), but this narrative is over except in the minds of total leftist partisans – just like the man who threw the Russian flags at Trump.  He was aiming for the wrong people.

He just didn't know it yet.  Likewise, the leftist base doesn't, either.

As for the Clinton-Obama-Democratic Party alliance, they are in trouble.  That they projected a narrative that not only was untrue about Trump, but was actually true about their own party will be devastating to their base, and the American public will likely not forget.

The leftist media.  The Democratic Party.  The Obama and Clinton families.  Their corruption reaches to the heavens.  They have knowingly deceived America in the worst of ways.  Let's hope their stature never recovers.

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