The best reason yet for boycotting the NFL

As a fifty-year follower of the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys being my team, and someone who waits eagerly each year for the season to start, I really thought it would be like going cold turkey on a booze addiction to ever give up my favorite sport.  This year, adding to the anticipation, there was a brand new 65-inch Sony sitting just a few feet from the recliners and the waiting fireplace.  I was set for the season. And then those foolish young black players decided imprudently to follow the league's biggest loser in his flag- and anthem-disrespecting protest against supposed oppression of blacks in America.  Like many in the NFL fan base, I was initially angered but unsure what to do about it.  My uncertainty didn't last long – on week three, when my Boys linked arms and knelt prior to the game, with owner, Jerry Jones, right in the middle, this ol' Cowboy fan changed channels and hasn't watched anything from the NFL since. I confess...(Read Full Post)