The Americans targeted in Vegas are what makes America great

A man, Sonny Melton, 29, died, shielding his wife from the bullets. Another commandeered a truck to drive victims of the Oct. 1 massacre in Las Vegas to the hospital. At first, Vanessa, a concertgoer, fled the Vegas venue, which was being sprayed with bullets from high-velocity rifles.  Then she turned and ran back.  She credits her professional sense of duty as a nurse.  We all know that it was Vanessa's heart that enabled her to push past the fear and place herself in the crosshairs. From her hospital bed, Addison Short profusely thanked a stranger who had helped her escape the confines of the country music concert in the Vegas Village.  She was hobbled by a gunshot to the leg.  The first words Addison uttered to the ego in the anchor's chair quizzing her were words of gratitude for her rescuer.  Short also gave thanks for having a minor injury. "April" is a girl who stopped her car to pick-up a bloodied young Canadian...(Read Full Post)