Stephen Paddock's 'secret life'

Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo, an elected official who plans to face voters again next year, has been letting out more interesting tidbits on the investigation into Stephen Paddock than others who have appeared at the press conferences.  Yesterday, he mentioned that Paddock had a "secret life" and "that it was only logical to 'make the assumption' that Stephen Paddock had 'some help at some point' in pulling off Sunday's massacre." This would seem to open the door to some sort of connection to an international terror group, but if so, evidently, there is no evidence on hand, because the sheriff also added to his secret life comment: "What we know is Stephen Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood," the sheriff said. My guess is that the "secret life" Paddock led was part of a life plan he had absorbed from his...(Read Full Post)