Repeal the First Amendment?

The New York Times' latest housebroken "conservative," Bret Stephens, has called for repeal of the Second Amendment as the answer to reduce killings involving guns.  Stephens views our constitutionally protected right to bear arms as a "fetish." The Times, and Stephens, a #NeverTrump, expected Hillary to win.  Hillary would then have appointed another Ginsburg or Sotomayor, who would have provided the fifth Supreme Court vote to water down the Second Amendment to the point that it may as well be repealed. A Hillary Court would have ruled that the right to own guns is not a personal right, but a state right, or upheld all state and local laws that limit the number and type of guns owned, taxed at high rates guns and ammunition, and severely limited the ability to carry a gun outside the home. Since President Trump has saved our country and Constitution from Hillary, now the battle has moved to start a...(Read Full Post)