Paddock and the prostitute

Psychopathy, the inability to feel guilt, is one statistically important predictor of mass murder, and psychopathy is significantly heritable, at an h(square) up to 0.74.  Two first-degree relatives of the Las Vegas massacre perp were highly likely psychopaths: his father, on the FBI Most Wanted List, and a brother.  That increases the probability of psychopathy in the perp. Now we have the Daily Mail, which quotes an unnamed Las Vegas prostitute, who allegedly spent time entertaining Stephen Paddock, to the effect that he: boasted about sadistic sex fantasies, or possibly sadistic acts. We are not told which one. told her, "I was born bad."  (Self-reported psychopathy is an empirically supported sign of the diagnosis.) This helps confirm the sheriff's use of the word "psychopath" to describe the murderer.  Sadistic delight can be a motive for mass murder, as in the works of the marquis de Sade.  Sadistic...(Read Full Post)