Obamacare repeal: A way to turn the tide

Some feel that enactment of a single-payer system is inevitable, but the tide can be turned immediately by repealing the antitrust exemption uniquely enjoyed by health insurers since 1945. Specifically, the Senate can simply co-adopt H.R. 372, the "Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017," which was passed by an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 416-7 on March 23, 2017. This bill amends the McCarran-Ferguson Act to declare that nothing in that Act modifies, impairs, or supersedes the operation of antitrust laws with respect to the business of health insurance, including the business of dental insurance. This declaration does not apply to a contract, combination, or conspiracy to: [1] – collect, compile, or disseminate historical loss data; [2] – determine a loss development factor for historical loss data; [3] – perform actuarial services if the collaboration does not involve a restraint of trade; or [4] – develop or disseminate a...(Read Full Post)