Menendez and Murphy: Double standards

The scenario was disgusting enough: Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania, a Republican in a safe seat, was forced to resign for urging his illicit and pregnant girlfriend to go get an abortion. It was in direct contravention to his anti-abortion stance in his elected office, which of course made him a liar. Out. (It would be nice to see that same standard held to politicians who run for office on platforms of tax cuts or repealing Obamacare and then vote against such measures.) Politico helpfully added that Murphy was a rather hellish person to work for and the GOP didn't want him around as a liability for all of them based on his brutish behavior, so o.k., he's out for that, too. The important thing to note is that he failed, he was a defective legislator and he's OUT. Compare and contrast to the Democrats' chief billy-goat, New Jersey's Sen. Bob Menendez, who not only saw fit to help procure "girlfriends" from the Dominican Republic, exerting...(Read Full Post)