Menendez and Murphy: Double standards

The scenario was disgusting enough: Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania, a Republican in a safe seat, was forced to resign for urging his illicit and pregnant girlfriend to go get an abortion. It was in direct contravention to his anti-abortion stance in his elected office, which of course made him a liar. Out.

(It would be nice to see that same standard held to politicians who run for office on platforms of tax cuts or repealing Obamacare and then vote against such measures.)

Politico helpfully added that Murphy was a rather hellish person to work for and the GOP didn't want him around as a liability for all of them based on his brutish behavior, so o.k., he's out for that, too.

The important thing to note is that he failed, he was a defective legislator and he's OUT.

Compare and contrast to the Democrats' chief billy-goat, New Jersey's Sen. Bob Menendez, who not only saw fit to help procure "girlfriends" from the Dominican Republic, exerting corrupt influence of office to get these girls visas to the U.S., he's also wallowed in the fleshpots, taken free flights, taken free hotel rooms, taken free vacations, and taken tons of campaign contributions. In return, he helped his Florida sidekick doctor who'd been accused of Medicaid fraud, and enlisted the services of then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to fix various jams. Not only is he a lecher at odds with his own principles on a scale unimaginable in comparison to Murphy, he also sold his office for campaign contributions and he's in the dock.

In other words, it's not just a bad press report as Murphy got, it's the long arm of the law.

And is anyone from his party pressuring him to resign on principle? Not in the least. From CNN:

Sen. Bob Menendez would not say Thursday whether he would quit his job if convicted on federal corruption charges and insisted his poll numbers "will rise" if he's acquitted.

The New Jersey Democrat, back in the Capitol for a whirlwind day during a break in his corruption trial in Newark, refused to say what he would do if he were convicted.
"I have no intention of being anything but exonerated," Menendez told CNN. "So therefore, I'm not contemplating anything but reelection next year."

While it's true that Murphy had a safe seat and Menendez does not, the heart of the matter is the principle involved, the scope of the hypocrisy and the capacity for the miscreants' doings to badly reflect on their parties as a whole. The GOP did not want that to happen, and endured the bad press the Murphy resignation generated. The Democrats, on the other hand, have the 'well, we just have to win, then' attitude, pioneered by Bill Clinton, winning at any cost, principles be damned. Any questions as to why they are considered soulless mercenaries of zero principles, despite their virtue-signalling and desire to want to run your life?

It's a disgusting reflection on Democrats, who will cling to office without resigning, no matter what they do. Republicans should make an issue of it in the next election.

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