Media strategy, 2017: 'When did you stop beating your wife?'

In the ongoing war between the Trump administration and the left-wing media, the American people are witnessing an unprecedented power struggle between someone they voted for because they want to make America great again and a cartel committed to keeping that from happening.   We need an independent press that has no ties to a political party.  That was what the Founding Fathers intended, but it's not what we have today.  Instead, we have a news syndicate infecting our country with an odious doctrine the way a prostitute infects her "customers." Ever creative in their malevolent pursuit of dirt, these muckrakers make productive use of rumors.  Like gossip-mongers, leaning against the backyard fence and trashing their neighbors, they'll conjure up a scenario and foist it upon a susceptible audience.  Using "confidential sources" as their cover, they'll ask, "Is it true what some inside the administration are saying the...(Read Full Post)