Las Vegas reminds us of what's important

The horrific Las Vegas shooting will undoubtedly be recorded in the history textbooks as one of the most tragic events in early 21st-century history.  Any loss of life for any reason is tragic, regardless of the cause.  Yet the manner in which this occurred, the senselessness of it, and the apparent trend this type of killing has become lead us to question multiple aspects in our society.  The most prevalent of these is, "should there be greater control?"  While we can all agree on a certain amount of regulation, it may not be the right question. Increased gun regulations, which may indeed decrease the loss of the life in these instances, will not halt all loss of life.  Let us take an example to which we can all relate.  If we banned semi-automatic weapons, those who would legally or illegally obtain other forms of guns would still hold the ability to commit such acts.  If we adhere to the belief that one life is as important as many,...(Read Full Post)