Jerry Jones stands up

Jerry Jones got off to a bad start in 1989 when he fired Coach Tom Landry.  Since then, he's won three Super Bowls and earned my respect as one incredible businessman.  The Cowboys are a hugely profitable sports franchise, and he built one of the finest venues in sports.

In other words, Jerry Jones knows business, and his reaction to the NFL problem proves it.

The NFL is in deep trouble.  The latest Monday Night Football ratings were an all-time low.  I know that the Yankees were also playing, but this is more than competition in the other channel.  I think a lot of fans like me are not watching.

So here comes Jerry Jones, as Jarrett Bell wrote:

"Too many of the fans of the Dallas Cowboys perceive this as disrespect for the flag. And so I don't want our team doing it."

This was a day after the Cowboys owner made his strongest statement yet about the protests in the NFL, declaring that if any Dallas player doesn't stand for the national anthem they won't play for his team.

Since his comments went viral, Jones maintained that he's received "a lot of calls, and not necessarily the kind of calls that were supportive" of his position.

Well, he's got my support.  Most of my friends agree with him, but I don't claim it's a scientific survey.  

Like Scrooge in the famous story, Jerry Jones looked at the future and saw the NFL in deep trouble.    

Jerry Jones is a businessman, but he loves the Cowboys and the NFL.  For example, he fired the famous coach but has always promoted the history that Landry created here.

He also understands all of those people who buy tickets to the Cowboys' games.  He meets them before the games.  He does countless talk show interviews and connects with fans.  He also owns a team in one of the most patriotic regions in the country.

My guess is that Jerry Jones is working the phones and getting other owners to align with him.  He is talking about "disrespecting the flag" but also about what all of this publicity is doing to the brand.

And no one knows more about "brand" than the owner of the Dallas Cowboys!

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