Bob Corker, media-beloved Republican, to retire not a moment too soon

Maybe one day, if not now, outgoing Tennessee senator Bob Corker will be asked why he up-ended the Constitution's treaty ratification procedure.

When Senator Corker appeared on NBC's Meet the Press on October 1, moderator Chuck Todd asked the senator why "your wing [of the Republican Party] ... is taking the ire of this insurgent populist base."  Todd provided his own answer a bit later in his chat with the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, suggesting that "many Democrats" are sorry that Corker has decided not to seek a third Senate term.

Democrats should well miss this "Republican" who worked with President Obama to nullify the Constitution's requirement that treaties be approved by two thirds of the senators present.  This was not the procedure that was applied to the agreement with Iran concerning its nuclear weapons program.  Senator Corker accepted a reversal of the treaty-ratification procedure set forth in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution – and so the agreement would go into effect unless two thirds of the Senators opposed the agreement.  With Democrats constituting well over one third of the Senate, Corker gave Mr. Obama a sure thing on that Iran matter.  (Has anyone ever seen the text of the agreement, treaty, document...whatever?)

Please note that the media do not ask the not-soon enough to be retired Corker why he accepted a procedure on Iran that was quite outside the text of the Constitution he took an oath to defend and uphold.  Perhaps eventually, they will raise the matter.