It begins: Weinstein triggers civil war on the feminist left

All is working out as I hoped. The decades of hypocrisy on the left, tolerating piggish behavior by men so long as they bow down to the feminist idol of abortion and hatred of God’s law, are finally coming due. John Nolte of Breitbart captures the magic of this moment, as two feminists, already wounded in the madness of the past year, engage in rhetorical battle. Another week, another broadside against left-wing attorney Lisa Bloom, another round of stories about this feminist crusader selling out women in pursuit of her own craven ambitions and once again failing to competently represent a client. This week’s broadside comes from Trump-hating comedienne Kathy Griffin, who claims she paid Bloom $40,000 for two days of work that only made things worse, much worse. Before we get into the juicy details, one wonders who is more horrified by this story — Bloom or the left-wing Los Angeles Times? After all, it was the Los Angeles Times that just a...(Read Full Post)