Is the GOP really 'taking over' New England?

There's no question that Salena Zito is prescient: she correctly called Donald Trump's appeal and victory when few others did during the campaign.  But in a widely read article at the New York Post, she posits a Republican "takeover" of New England that others have not noticed: On Sept. 19, Politico congressional reporter Burgess Everett tweeted that he suddenly "[Remembers Vermont has a Republican governor]." His tweet prompted Seung Min Kim, a fellow Politico reporter who covers the US Senate to reply that she "[Learns Vermont has a Republican governor]." That, in turn, instigated a response by Wall Street Journal congressional reporter Byron Tau: "[Googles the name of Vermont's Republican governor]." To which Phil Scott, Vermont's Republican governor responded that he "[Is Vermont's Republican governor]." The moment was comical but also insightful, underscoring just how little...(Read Full Post)