Harvard's bogus ExxonMobil study

Harvard University's Naomi Oreskes and her post-doctoral fellow, Geoffrey Supran, are co-authors of a new, highly controversial study claiming that energy giant ExxonMobil purposefully misled the public on the dangers of climate change. Usually, scientists at least try to hide their biases and political motivations in their published research, but Oreskes's hatred of the fossil fuel industry is evident here.  In fairness to Oreskes, it's worth pointing out she's just a historian of science, not an actual scientist, which Mark Twain might say is like the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.   Oreskes and Supran assert that at a time when ExxonMobil's internal research was pointing to the seriousness of the alleged climate change problem, its "advertorials" (paid editorial ads, essentially) were claiming the opposite: "We conclude that ExxonMobil contributed to advancing climate science – by way of its...(Read Full Post)