GW Bush falls to the McCain syndrome

President George W. Bush gave a speech, and instead of just analyzing the speech, Newsmax, which has been anti-Trump and moving left, called it a stinging rebuke of Trump.  Newsmax's people are right there with the NYT, MSNBC, and CNN in their analysis.  I believe that if the media had one ounce of honesty, the speech should be considered a stinging rebuke of Obama and the Democrats.  Here is the first paragraph from the article: Former President George W. Bush, without mentioning President Donald Trump by name, delivered a stinging rebuke Thursday about the nation's growing isolationism, saying that when combined with discourse that is "degraded by casual cruelty," and interference from Russia, are resulting in division among Americans. Obama, Kerry, and Hillary thought a smart foreign policy was leading from behind.  That created a vacuum and caused other countries to expand their power, including Russia, Iran, North Korea,...(Read Full Post)