GW Bush falls to the McCain syndrome

President George W. Bush gave a speech, and instead of just analyzing the speech, Newsmax, which has been anti-Trump and moving left, called it a stinging rebuke of Trump.  Newsmax's people are right there with the NYT, MSNBC, and CNN in their analysis.  I believe that if the media had one ounce of honesty, the speech should be considered a stinging rebuke of Obama and the Democrats.

 Here is the first paragraph from the article:

Former President George W. Bush, without mentioning President Donald Trump by name, delivered a stinging rebuke Thursday about the nation's growing isolationism, saying that when combined with discourse that is "degraded by casual cruelty," and interference from Russia, are resulting in division among Americans.

Obama, Kerry, and Hillary thought a smart foreign policy was leading from behind.  That created a vacuum and caused other countries to expand their power, including Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.  That weakening of American strength and delegating to the U.N. leaves us more isolated than ever.  And to talk about discourse that is degraded by casual cruelty – that would be Obama saying some people cling to their religion and guns, Obama and others calling Tea Party members domestic terrorists, and Hillary referring to Trump-supporters as deplorable and irredeemable. 

Here are a few additional comments and analysis. 

The American dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy, discontent deepened and sharpened, partisan conflicts.

Democrat policies have continually made the government more powerful and reduced the opportunity for people, especially the young, poor, and minorities, to move up the economic ladder.  Trump, in contrast, is trying to give the power and purse to the people, and the partisan Democrats are trying to block those opportunities at every step of the way. 

Did anyone spot where Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Durbin worked hard to get bipartisan support, or did they rip anyone who dared disagree with them?

Bigotry seems emboldened[.] ... Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.

That is true. I have never seen so much emboldened bigotry against religious values, against people who want smaller government and lower taxes, who believe in the Second Amendment, and who believe that cities and states should enforce the laws of the land.

As for conspiracy theories, what about a party and administration that creates and uses a fake dossier out of Russia, then uses the dossier as an excuse to spy on its political opponents, creates the conspiracy theory that Russia colluded with their opponent to rig the election and then runs massive expensive continuous investigations in search of the evasive nonexistent collusion?

There is also a "fading competence" in the value of free markets and international trade, which often happens when there is a sense of protectionism.

Obama and the Democrats are the ones who continually want to transfer economic power from the private sector to the government, including seeking to destroy the private health care industry.  Trump is not against trade at all.  He just wants better deals for the American people. 

The United States also must continue to project American leadership, including maintaining the country's role in "sustaining and defending an international order" that is rooted in freedom and free markets, said Bush, and that includes serving as a "shining hope" for refugees.

Where did Obama, Hillary, and Kerry project American leadership?  Isn't it smart to screen refugees?  Bush should ask Obama why he chose to change the policy to stop accepting Cuban refugees and to send them back to the oppressive Cuban leaders. 

Bush seems to have McCain syndrome.  He seems to want to be liked by the media, and to do that, he must trash Trump.  He somehow can't stand Trump, maybe because Trump beat Jeb.

But what he complains about here is things Democrats and Obama did. 

Isn't it amazing that somehow Bush, along with McCain, kept his mouth almost completely shut, no matter what Obama did?  But nine months into Trump's term, both decide they have to take out Trump with the media and all the other Democrats.  It seems they would prefer to have the sexual predator and his corrupt wife back in the White House.

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