Dems never pass gun control laws when they run things

It's automatic and let's do it again, to paraphrase the Beach Boys.  Within minutes after the Vegas shooting, the Democrats and their friends in the media were on alert calling for gun control. A few years ago, a horrific shooting happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  It broke our hearts, especially those of us who remember dropping off our young sons at school. The horrific tragedy followed the pattern we are now seeing in Las Vegas.  First, a major Democrat makes a statement about guns.  Second, the media go into anti-NRA mode, saying we need to keep guns away from disturbed people.  In the end, nothing consequential happens, even when you have a Democrat president with congressional majorities. This is from the Atlantic in 2012: The horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn., is the latest grisly episode in what has become a muted debate in the United States: what to do...(Read Full Post)