Democrats only pretend they care about science

Republicans passed a House bill this week to stop abortions after twenty weeks.  Somehow the media decided to give it little coverage.  I wonder why! There appear to be only seven countries in the world that allow abortions after twenty weeks, including the U.S., China, and North Korea.  Isn't it great to be linked with other countries so concerned about human rights? As medical care has become much better over the years, it has become much easier to save premature babies, but Democrats still essentially want no restrictions. A significant majority of Americans support banning partial-birth abortion.  Democrats and reporters live and die by polls, yet they don't care about this one.  Why?  The answer is obviously that they are beholden to Planned Parenthood. There are around 3,600 humans killed by abortion each day in America, or about sixty times the number killed in Vegas this week.  Where is the...(Read Full Post)