Democracy and the Infowave

Each day, the financial press seems to have yet another report of companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook buying a competitor or broadening their reach into new technology areas by acquiring complementary technology enterprises.  Bit by bit (or byte by byte), there is an inexorable technological march that is putting American consumers – private, corporate, and government – at the mercy of these quasi-monopolies.  Our fascination with the internet and its myriad communication possibilities, efficiencies, and conveniences has made one-stop/one-click shopping much more than just an idle expression. Yet what is the reality for our collective freedoms when the basic tools of communication and commerce are owned by relatively few corporations whose basic philosophies and concepts may, or may not, reflect the basic foundational principles of our country?  The corporate ability to decide what is to be allowed to flow over the digital domains is a short...(Read Full Post)