Catalonian independence gives hope to other autonomous regions in Europe

Catalonia declared its independence 2 days ago. But Spain has cracked down by withdrawing the region's autonomy and taking over the government. As for the rest of Europe, all members of the EU support Spain's actions. And why wouldn't they? Most of them have their own headaches with autonomous regions that want to break away to form their own countries. In recent years, we've seen Scotland fail in its bid for independence, but the Orkney Islands off the coast desire independence from Scotland. Much of Northern Italy wants more autonomy while a push for outright independence is underway in South Tyrol. What the drive for independence by Catalonia has done is open a long simmering desire by Europe's autonomous minorities for independence. The Express: The success in Catalonia could give the Basque Country a reason to resume its fight for independence from the Spanish central government.  A new generation of young Basques who feel ignored...(Read Full Post)