Why do Democrats so hate black Americans?

As Donald Trump ends Barack Obama's unconstitutional DACA program, giving enforcement agencies and Congress a six-month head start to legislate a permanent solution, the debate about the merits of unrestricted immigration (and the Rule of Law) is once again front and center. As seen in this clip on CNN's State of the Union show this past Sunday, a rational conversation about amnesty (or legalization) will be hard to find.  Leftists, as they now are wont to do, ascribe any opposition to the granting of citizenship to those who have entered this country illegally to nativism and racism.  (Of course, what isn't, right?) What is racist is the disparate impact that unrestrained illegal immigration has had on lower- to middle-class blacks.  It is no secret that illegal immigrants drive down wages, as they very often work off the books and below the prevailing wage.  Many jobs that young inner-city black youths might otherwise have done have...(Read Full Post)