Trump should order the military to boycott NFL

If President Trump is serious about telling Americans to boycott the NFL for players taking a knee during the National Anthem, then he should back up those words as commander-in-chief and boycott the NFL with an executive order putting a halt to any and all taxpayer funding of sponsorships and advertising by the United States Armed Forces with the NFL and any other athletic organization that takes part in, encourages, or condones disrespecting of the American flag by their employees, players, or coaches.

President Trump's executive order should effectively stop the use of taxpayer funding for U.S. military color guards for the National Anthem, flyovers, sponsorship, and advertising of any kind, or anything else associated in any way with the United States Armed Forces in direct or indirect connection with any athletic organizations that violate the executive order.

If, on the other hand, any athletic organization agrees to mandate that its employees, players, and coaches remain standing in a respectful manner for the American flag during the National Anthem, that organization will be allowed to associate and participate in events with the United States Armed Forces and continue to negotiate sponsorships and advertising.

The multiple millions of taxpayer dollars spent each year on sponsorships and advertising by the military that benefits the NFL and other offending organizations can be diverted to other more America-friendly organizations or simply be used to support our great veterans and their families.

Americans who agree with President Trump's idea to boycott the NFL and any other offending organization should contact the White House and tell Commander-in-Chief Trump to stand with them against the NFL and cut off all taxpayer sponsorship and ad funding immediately.  People should also call all their elected representatives in Washington and demand that they support and encourage President Trump to end taxpayer funding of sponsorships and advertisements for the NFL.

The NFL needs America to survive – but America doesn't need the NFL for a damn thing.