Germany re-elects Merkel but hands huge gains to 'far right' party

Nazi cards are being played all over the world's media this morning, in the characteristic response of elites when voters increase their support for populists.  The dominant media throughout the Western world are horrified that Angela Merkel, just re-elected to a fourth term as chancellor of Germany with weakened support, will face a rising-force conservative party in the Bundestag, Alternative für Deutschland (the Alternative for Germany), or AfD. 

AFP reports:

Merkel, who after 12 years in power held a double-digit lead for most of the campaign, scored around 33 percent of the vote with her conservative Christian Union (CDU/CSU) bloc, according to preliminary results. It was their worst score since 1949.

Its nearest rivals, the Social Democrats and their candidate Martin Schulz, came in a distant second, with a post-war record low of 21 percent.

But in a bombshell for the German establishment, the anti-Islam, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) captured around 13 percent, catapulting it to become the country's third biggest political force.

Despite continuing efforts to tar as racists and Nazis all who protest the flood of Muslim immigrants transforming life in Germany, enough Germans voted AfD to give the party a prominent role going forward.  It is that legitimacy and ongoing prominence the AfD now will maintain that is driving the progressive globalists nuts.  Something very similar to the reaction to the election of President Trump – ongoing harassment by progs – is underway:

AfD supporters gathered at a Berlin club, cheering as public television reported the outcome, many joining in a chorus of the German national anthem.

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside, shouting "Nazis out!" while smaller AfD demonstrations were held in other cities across the country.

I have yet to see any evidence that AfD has Nazi affiliations, yet the smear has influenced elites throughout the world.  Reuters reports:

Jewish groups in Europe and the United States expressed alarm on Sunday at the far-right Alternative for Germany's success in Germany's parliamentary election and urged other parties not to form an alliance with the AfD. ...

Ronald Lauder, president of the New York-based World Jewish Congress, called Chancellor Angela Merkel a "true friend of Israel and the Jewish people" and decried the AfD's gains at a time when anti-Semitism was increasing across the globe.

Lauder obviously has not looked into the surge of anti-Semitism in Europe, which has been driven by Islamic immigration, not by "far right" Germans.  Merkel, by bringing a million people into Germany who have been nurtured on the vilest anti-Semitism imaginable, is fanning the flames of anti-Semitism in a real and tangible fashion.  Public opinion surveys in Arab Muslim communities consistently reveal that Jew-hatred is embraced by majorities of around 80%.  Tolerating the influx of people from a background steeped in anti-Jewish sentiment is the equivalent of promoting violence against Jews.

Yet Lauder, with hiss ultra-prominent role, blames the people attempting to save German Jews from predictable assaults (and worse) at the hands of people whose sacred scripture is full of Jew-hatred and derision and tells them to search out and kill Jews.  There is plenty of evidence that such passages are being used by Islamic radicals in Europe to motivate terror attacks on Jews.

Any political party with the support of millions undoubtedly has a few dodgy characters among its supporters.  I cannot guarantee that the motivations of all AfD voters are pure, but until someone shows me that the party itself advocates policies that target Jews, I would not play the Nazi card.  Lauder should examine Merkel and the AfD more closely before he says anything foolish again.