To be an adult

The Peter Pan syndrome – males who remain boys all their lives – has long been with us.  But now what I call "Aging Adolescents" (A.A.s) include as many females as males, and may be a majority in the younger generations.  And they are raising, if one dares use that word, children who will replicate themselves as lifelong children.  This threatens the economic, fiscal, and political well-being of our society and culture.  Children are unable to lead, function in, or defend a society. I consulted with a couple of friends and thought it might help if I put down what we believe an adult is.  Perhaps not, but it can't hurt. 1. Adults take responsibility for their actions, say "I'm sorry," try to fix any problems resulting from their errors, accept the consequences of their actions, and learn from them.  A.A.s run around saying, "It's not my fault," always blaming others, however tenuous the...(Read Full Post)