The DREAMers wake up

We will soon know President Trump's decision on DACA.     

We read in news reports that some DREAMers are scared:

Leezia Dhalla is spending her days glued to the news, anxiously waiting for President Trump finally to announce whether he will kill the program that has protected her and nearly 800,000 other young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

My guess is that President Trump will kill DACA but grandfather some until the U.S. Congress decides.   

Nevertheless, there is a larger issue here that I hope every "DREAMer" takes into consideration.  We are a nation of laws.  We are not governed by executive impulses, whether or not you agree with it.

As I always remind young DREAMers, this is not Cuba, where Raúl Castro arbitrarily decides what websites his people can see, or Venezuela where Maduro created a mock referendum to change the legislative branch, or Mexico, where the rule of law makes justice difficult, or any other Latin American country where leaders act impulsively.

Unlike most of the DREAMers' original countries, the U.S. operates on the basis of law.  

By the way, this is why my parents sacrificed so much to come to the U.S.  They wanted us to grow up not in Cuba, but rather in a nation that respects its laws.

The DREAMers will eventually get to stay because the rule of law, or a law passed by Congress, will likely happen.  At the same time, Congress may never agree on something, and that happens, too in a country run by laws, not executive impulses.

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