What's in a name?

Pointing out inconsistencies in left wing thought is a sport which requires as much effort as rolling dice. Seven, again.

In the name game dustup, the puddle-deep intellect and thought process of the left wingers is in full display.

Take the above example.  No explanation necessary.

Now let us move to the movement to rename Washington Park and Jackson Park in Chicago.  It is proposed that Washington Park be renamed for the late mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington.  Jackson Park is proposed to be renamed after Jesse Jackson.  But wait, pause, ponder.

Where did Harold Washington get the surname "Washington"?  And where did Jesse Jackson get the surname "Jackson"?  European immigrants typically brought their surnames as they immigrated, but in these cases the surnames Washington and Jackson certainly did not come from tribal Africa.  

African-Americans typically were plucked from their home continent and pressed into involuntary servitude.  Christian names were acquired and surnames often assumed by the domestic household slaves.  Upon emancipation, field hands often took past presidential surnames for identification.  These names held stature. 

It is highly likely, to the point of certainty, that Jesse's and Harold's descendents assumed the names Jackson and Washington out of respect for those presidents.

Curious that at that point in time the surnames of slaveholders such as Jackson, Washington, and even Jefferson would be assumed by the former slaves themselves.  Today their descendents now find so much objectionable about those men from whom the surnames originated.  Where were the objections to those names, those men, that we hear today?

"It is unfair to judge a man on the views of his day by the ideological fashions of another era." –Anon.  

And isn't that the first rule of historical study?

I propose that Jesse Jackson, and other blacks who bear the name of past slaveholders, do the right thing: change their names.  After all, it is the politically correct thing to do.