The 'D' in DACA must stand for derangement

On Tuesday, President Trump made a thoughtful decision about DACA.

He could have let DACA die in the courts, especially if it went back to a Supreme Court with Justice Neil Gorsuch.  We recall a 4-4 decision that kept the lower rulings intact.

He could have rescinded it and gone to play golf.

Or he could have rescinded it but kept open a window for Congress to visit the "DREAMers" story.

He chose the third option, and the left has gone "loco," or crazy in Spanish.

President Trump's critics have to be living in a fantasy over DACA.

As David Harsanyi wrote:

The Constitution makes no allowance for the president to write law "if Congress doesn't act." 


The reaction to DACA exposes much of the disingenuousness of the post-election "norms" crowd. 

How could those who took part in the national hissy fit over the "unconstitutional" short-term executive restriction on immigration from terrorist-ridden nations now act as if DACA is a proper way to govern? 

I mean, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threaten[ed] to sue the president for rolling back the executive actions of another president, which were enacted ostensibly on the idea of prosecutorial discretion. 

Sue over what – following the law as written?

By the way, DACA has already been through courts, and as with most of Obama's assault on process, it fared rather poorly. 

Now that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and others are threatening to sue, and the Supreme Court is back to nine justices, DACA would almost certainly lose there, as well. 

As it should.

See why I think the "D" in DACA has to stand for "derangement"?

President Trump sent the issue to Congress.  I am hoping a congressional majority can write a law that legalizes some, not all, of these people based on some parameters.  For example, we can look at education, behavior, and other character issues that warrant legalization.

My hope is that the Democrats do not engage in the kind of in-your-face "everybody's a racist" protests we saw in Texas over the sanctuary law.  It will not help the DREAMers if people support them with Mexican flags or other irrational behavior.  In fact, such behavior will make it easier for many Republicans to walk away from DACA.

Last, but not least, it was President Obama's lawlessness, not President Trump's decision, that put these youngsters in this situation.

Get angry with President Obama, for he's the one who gave you a check without funds.

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