The 'D' in DACA must stand for derangement

On Tuesday, President Trump made a thoughtful decision about DACA. He could have let DACA die in the courts, especially if it went back to a Supreme Court with Justice Neil Gorsuch.  We recall a 4-4 decision that kept the lower rulings intact. He could have rescinded it and gone to play golf. Or he could have rescinded it but kept open a window for Congress to visit the "DREAMers" story. He chose the third option, and the left has gone "loco," or crazy in Spanish. President Trump's critics have to be living in a fantasy over DACA. As David Harsanyi wrote: The Constitution makes no allowance for the president to write law "if Congress doesn't act."  Furthermore: The reaction to DACA exposes much of the disingenuousness of the post-election "norms" crowd.  How could those who took part in the national hissy fit over the "unconstitutional" short-term...(Read Full Post)