Study: Americans are the hardest workers in the world

A study by, which conducted the survey of 2,000 Americans found that the average American works harder than his Japanese or European counterpart.

New York Post:

Statistics show that Americans work longer hours than the majority of other countries – 137 hours per year more than Japanese, 260 per year more than in the UK," according to the study.

By the way, when the comparison is made between the average French worker and the average American worker, we're talking vive la différence. The American worker records about 500 more working hours per year than his or her French counterpart.

"It's the reason we can say 'Thank God it's Friday.' Labor Day is a time to celebrate the benefits we enjoy at our jobs – including weekends off," Bagot adds.

She warns there's one thing Americans should be careful to avoid during the holiday: "Work, of course."

Apparently, plenty of Americans already agree with the kick-back, unofficial-end-of-summer Labor Day spirit.'s survey found lots of them plan to enjoy the good life this weekend.

Americans have been outworking everybody else for decades.  But what matters is how productive the American worker is.  And while the French look like slackers compared to Americans when it comes to the number of hours worked, they finish ahead of us in the rate of GDP to hours worked – a key measurement of productivity.  On that list, Germany ranks first, while the U.S. comes in third – behind France.

The revolution in the workplace is already underway and will affect the U.S. worker in ways we can only imagine.  The key for all of us (not near retirement) will be adaptability.  Possessing the job skills to ensure employability for the future will be key, as will continuing education and training. 

Do you think you know what you'll be doing ten years from now?  On that question – not how many hours you work – will rest your future.

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