Chelsea Clinton carps at President Trump in Houston, gets blasted on Twitter

Following President Trump's two visits to Houston and his million-dollar donation for aid relief, Chelsea Clinton is busy finding fault with the commander in chief for his efforts to help and encourage in disaster-ravaged Houston.

In response to President Trump's warm statements praising first responders (as well as taking selfies with delighted flood refugees), he sent out this message of highly appropriate praise:

.@POTUS at Houston relief center: "As tough as this was," the response "has been a wonderful thing, I think, even for the country to watch."

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) September 2, 2017

For that, Chelsea Clinton put on the scold, focusing on the dark side:

People lost their lives, loved ones, homes, beloved pets. Many thousands of people face uncertain futures. Our President on #Harvey

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) September 2, 2017

As a result, Twitter went after her, blasting her for her obnoxious dark-side effort to throw shade on the president.

Is Chelsea Clinton Starved For Attention Or Just Plain Stupid? wrote Jeff Dunetz at his The Lid blog, adding a well curated collection of choice tweets from disgusted Twitter users, many citing President Obama's failure to visit Louisiana flood victims during his term in favor of playing golf on Martha's Vineyard.

Here's what I notice about the idiotic picture: Trump is there on the ground, delivering aid, passing out relief, humoring the evacuees with selfies, such as this one:

HEARTWARMING: Mr @POTUS meeting w/ #HurricaneHarvey victims. Hugs little girl & gives her a kiss. Takes selfies. People happy to see him!

— TrumpGuy (@TrumpGuyTV) September 2, 2017

...and helping with broader disaster efforts.  His care and compassion have impressed many, and probably have changed many minds about him.

Now look at Chelsea Clinton.  While she says she has contributed to hurricane aid through some worthy-sounding programs to help veterans and supply diapers for the flooded out, she's mostly just retweeting dozens and dozens of statements of relief for others, without being on the ground herself.  She's got plenty of money to be over there, as well as no job to go to, but she seems to prefer the appearance of helping to the actual helping itself. Her continuous retweets of aid efforts suggests she's on the ground helping when all she is doing is uselessly retweeting to create the appearance of helping.  Probably from her Manhattan luxury co-op for all we know.  That's nowhere near what President Trump has done to help, even as a private citizen.

So now Chelsea is reflexively finding fault in all the good work President Trump has done?  As if she is acting as a surrogate for her mother, or worse yet, David Brock?  She's trying to smear the president as Brock does?  Give us a break.

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