Six degrees of separation from slavery

The war against the symbols of racism took a surreal and bizarre turn in the last week as social justice warriors took to social media to complain in two separate incidents of a hugely disturbing phenomenon. Who would have guessed that cotton was a trigger? First, Hobby Lobby made the mistake of offering for sale cotton stalks in a vase as an item to be used in home decor.  Innocuous, right?  Not for SJWs desperately seeking something – anything – to attack as "racist." That's right. We can't use cotton because 160 years ago, it was a primary source of income for white plantation owners who used slaves to pick it.  It won't do any good to point out that cotton is no longer handpicked and cleaned by slaves.  It's what was going on a century and a half ago that matters. Have these people lost their minds?  If they have, their mental disease is contagious. A college president will meet with black students...(Read Full Post)