Shock: CNN reporters don't understand Trump UN speech

CNN reporters couldn't understand Trump's message to the U.N.  I knew that their reporters were stupid, but how would any reporter not understand his message? I believe I know why it was incoherent to them: because somehow, they believed that Obama's lead-from-behind policy was good.  Trump was incoherent only to people who believe that Obama, Kerry, and Hillary did anything to make the world safer. They did make sure that Russia, Iran and N Korea got Uranium.  They did allow our diplomats to get killed while they blamed a video to protect their political power.  They reneged on a commitment to put missile shields up.  They had a pretend red line in Syria that amounted to nothing.  They paid ransom to Iran and lifted up the mullahs.  They lied continuously to get the deal done with Iran. They screwed the people in Cuba. They allowed Russia to do whatever it wants. They pulled out of Iraq, which allowed ISIS to gain massive...(Read Full Post)