Renowned climate scientist jailed for fraud

Well, it's a start... Lucy Smith reports for the Townsville (Queensland), Australia Bulletin: A RENOWNED climate scientist has been jailed for fraudulently claiming half a million dollars in reimbursements from his employer. Over seven years, Australian Institute of Marine Science senior researcher Daniel Michael Alongi lodged 129 claims for fictitious purchases totalling $553,420. When police caught up with him in 2015, he told them he had spent the money on rare and antique books. One book, about Captain James Cook's journeys, cost $15,000. Alongi, 60, pleaded guilty in Townsville District Court yesterday to defrauding the Federal Government agency. Commonwealth prosecutor Chris Moore detailed Alongi's "carefully executed" offending, which saw him earn far more than his $4000 a fortnight salary. "To support the claims he created or modified invoices, receipts and credit card statements, along with drafting fake analysis...(Read Full Post)