Remind me again why fossil fuel companies are evil

Politicians and reporters are on the lookout for gouging by oil companies and gas stations. The current price of gas is around $2.50 throughout the United States, which is far below the over $4 price in 2008. The average price in September 2008 was $3.65 in the U.S.  The current price isn't close to that.  Obama actually didn't mind high gas prices, and reporters and Democrats always liked him.  Meanwhile, as oil companies and gas stations have gas prices over 30% lower than nine years ago, the federal budget has skyrocketed over 50% from $2.7 trillion in F.Y. 2007 to over $4 trillion today.  Health insurance costs have ballooned over 100%, and Illinois income taxes are up over 60%.  I am hard pressed to think of other products or services that are 30% cheaper than nine years ago, but it is evil oil companies that are targeted.  Think of how much additional purchasing power the poor and middle class have due to lower gas...(Read Full Post)