Raul Castro did not get that memo

Not long ago, President Obama decided to open a U.S. embassy in Havana, facilitate trade and contacts, and then watch a baseball game with Raúl Castro.  We were told that this new approach would open up Cuba.  Accordingly, Cubans would see what they've been missing and demand it. Well, the theory ran into reality, or the fact that Raúl Castro never saw the opening with the U.S. as a way of improving the lives of Cubans.  Instead, he just wanted the U.S. to become his latest sugar daddy, especially now that no one lends him money, the USSR is gone, and China is not so easy to do business with. Let's check out the latest on how showering Cuba with U.S. dollars and American tourists has impacted the Cuban people. We learned this week that there are over 40 websites that the Cuban government will not allow to be seen on the island, as we see in this report:    Want to access Skype in Cuba? Without a VPN, you're out of...(Read Full Post)