Perhaps it's time to play the Black National Anthem

Several years ago, my wife and I had the privilege of attending an annual gala event in our community honoring young black Americans in the area.  It was fun, and we were honored to attend.  I'd been invited by some friends due to my company's sponsorship of a national group that promotes STEM careers for black young people.  I'm white, but frankly, it was irrelevant to my perception of the evening.  In all, it was a wonderful night, with friends promoting something we all knew is worthwhile and noble: encouraging achievement and honoring real accomplishments. An unexpected part of the evening came just after dinner.  A choir from a local HBC (Historically Black College) began a song I'd never heard and knew nothing about: "Lift Every Voice and Sing," or more euphemistically, "The Black National Anthem." It was beautifully performed, and many people in the audience sang along.  A little research after we got...(Read Full Post)