On DACA, trust and support Trump

President Trump said that if the wall is not funded, then there is no deal on DACA. This issue has arisen because Trump met with Schumer and Pelosi to discuss DACA and border security, which necessarily includes the border wall.  Schumer promptly announced that there was an agreement that Trump would support a statutory replacement for DACA and that the Dems would support increased security at the border but not support a border wall.  Schumer is not known as a principled, honest senator.  The question is why Trump even met with Schumer and Pelosi to discuss these issues.  He knows that the Dems oppose the wall. The background to the meeting is that the Dems will support "increased border security" only if we allow the approximate 800,000  illegal aliens, known as "DREAMers," to remain in the country with eventual voting and citizenship.  Why more concern for illegal aliens than for a border wall that would stop illegal...(Read Full Post)