Obama Foundation seeks a 'diversity consultant'

Evidently, systemic racism (or "white privilege" or whatever) is so pervasive that the closet racism of the Obama Foundation needs a corrective force.  How else to explain this "Request for Proposals" for a diversity consultant? DIVERSE CONTRACTING AND LOCAL WORKFORCE PARTICIPATION PLANS REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Obama Foundation is committed to assembling a team of highly skilled designers, engineers, builders, and other professionals to work together to ensure the success of the Obama Presidential Center. So it seems that without a special executive focused on nothing but racial (and sexual and...?) bean-counting, the wrong people (this means you, heterosexual white males!) might receive contracts based on price and quality, as if these were the only important factors. In a P.R. release, the Obama Foundation reveals its "ambitious" goals for preferences: The Obama Foundation has mandated that its Diversity...(Read Full Post)