Obama Foundation seeks a 'diversity consultant'

Evidently, systemic racism (or "white privilege" or whatever) is so pervasive that the closet racism of the Obama Foundation needs a corrective force.  How else to explain this "Request for Proposals" for a diversity consultant?



The Obama Foundation is committed to assembling a team of highly skilled designers, engineers, builders, and other professionals to work together to ensure the success of the Obama Presidential Center.

So it seems that without a special executive focused on nothing but racial (and sexual and...?) bean-counting, the wrong people (this means you, heterosexual white males!) might receive contracts based on price and quality, as if these were the only important factors.

In a P.R. release, the Obama Foundation reveals its "ambitious" goals for preferences:

The Obama Foundation has mandated that its Diversity Consultant demonstrate a verifiable record of implementing transparent and significant diversity and inclusion programs and an ability to support the CM in its obligations to meet, and hopefully exceed, the Foundation's award of 50% or more of construction contracts and subcontracts to "diverse suppliers", including 35% of contracts and subcontracts to minority business enterprises (MBEs). Additional "diverse suppliers" eligible for the Foundation's contracts and sub-contracts include women business enterprises (WBEs), businesses owned by veterans, people with disabilities, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ. In addition, the Foundation is looking for a Diversity Consultant with a history of working with unions and engaging with underemployed populations including ex-offenders and youth to increase the pipeline of talent.

Readers interested in this job, take note:

The RFP will be made accessible to everyone who completes the registration form online. Additional details on the RFP can be found HERE. The Obama Foundation will be accepting applications until October 13, 2017. An announcement on the Diversity Consultant will come later this fall.

I can hardly wait.  How many boxes (race, sexual preference, gender identity, and Godknowswhat) will the successful applicant tick?

Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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